EU Collections Competencies Project

Testing a European Competency Framework for VET in Collections Management

Competency Based Curriculum

A Competency Based Curriculum for Natural History Collections Management

The Competency Based Curriculum for collections care and management is based on the competencies defined in the Collections Management Competency Framework.

The Competency Based Curriculum specifies the learning outcomes which are linked to the competencies and are consistent with the job requirements as defined in the agreed Competency Framework. Each learning resource is linked to one or more competencies of the Collections Management Competency Framework and each competency can be linked to one or more potential learning resources. The ID number of the competency is identical to the ID number of the learning resource, facilitating the search for identified learning needs.

The components of the Competency Based Curriculum are:
- learning outcomes: induction and advanced learning,
- learning module unit,
- learning module elements,
- learning resources,
- methodologies,
- assessment.

Each module unit is linked to the units of competency of the Collections Management Competency Framework:
7 divisions of the Competency Based Curriculum are distinguished.

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