EU Collections Competencies Project

Testing a European Competency Framework for VET in Collections Management

Welcome to EU Collections Competencies Project

Welcome to EUColComp!

EUColComp is a competency framework for people working with natural history collections in museums and herbaria.

The framework is a set of universal competencies for collections management developed across the EU to help organistions to:

  1. identify the competencies required for particular roles;
  2. identify individuals’ levels of competence; and
  3. identify the vocational and educational training (VET) needed to address missing/weak competencies.

An EUColComp Curriculum helps individuals link their competency needs to learning opportunities.

EUColComp was funded by a Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation grant under the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP)


The Curriculum is available on this site and guidelines to its use will be available soon.

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