EU Collections Competencies Project

Testing a European Competency Framework for VET in Collections Management

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<p><h2>Testing a European Competency Framework for VET in Collections Management (EUColComp)</h2></p>
<p>EUColComp is a two-year Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation project funded under the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP). The aim of the project is to transfer a set of universal competencies for collections management to institutions across the EU to help organisations to a) identify the competencies required for particular roles; b) identify individuals&rsquo; levels of competence; and c) identify the vocational and educational training (VET) needed to address missing/weak competencies.</p>
<p>EUColComp will deliver:</p>
a standard set of multi-language competencies that can be tailored to suit museums of varying size, focus, culture and governance;</li>
learning needs surveys that identify both existing training and key gaps to assist staff in developing appropriate competencies through customised VET;</li>
a web-accessible set of multi-language competencies and targeted training to assist organisations in applying them in their own work place;</li>
a detailed curriculum to enable institutions to establish clear roadmaps for the development of VET for their staff.</li>

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