EU Collections Competencies Project

Testing a European Competency Framework for VET in Collections Management

Collections Ambassadors

Collections Ambassadors are experienced collections staff members that support and encourage the training of staff members involved in collections care and management.

What does a Collections Ambassador do?
Ambassadors are the contact person for staff involved in collections care in their institution. In that way they will help better understand the training needs of the staff so that training offer can be improved or expanded.
Some things they do:

  • be the focal point of local collections care and management in their institution;
  • assist staff in identifying local training provisions in native language;
  • provide information on training resources  other than local;
  • arrange for or give a training course to colleagues;
  • encourage continuous training of staff members;
  • provide expert advice to staff members;
  • interact with other ambassadors and make important contacts;
  • search for  financial support to provide training in their institution;
  • or any other good ideas they might have!

What are the requirements to become a Collections Ambassador?
Ambassadors need to:

  • have sound knowledge about natural history collections care and management;
  • be aware about available training resources or able to search for potential training possibilities;
  • be enthusiastic to provide the necessary training resources information to populate the website;
  • work well in a team and be able to communicate and interact effectively with colleagues;
  • be thrilled about the job they are doing to safeguard collections for the future.

Become a Collections Ambassador
If you are enthusiastic about your work with natural history collections and would like to contribute with your knowledge and expertise in your local collections community please feel free to apply

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